Stampede Press is a UK based PR/Marketing and Mentoring agency founded and run by Rob Stampede. See below what music industry professionals and musicians are saying about him.

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“Stampede is the good guy. Committed, easy to communicate with: Rob is a fountain of knowledge, help and motivation. The services offered are invaluable.”

Mr Clone (Anti-Clone)

Hayward Media Coaching Services

“Often and without reservation my first recommendation is always Rob. I trust him to do the right thing completely and cannot recommend his services more highly.”

Adam Hayward (Hayward Media Coaching)


“Rob’s support and guidance has been invaluable. He has a great personal relationship with a lot of people within the industry and is fantastic to work with.”

Caroline Kenyon (Bastette)

“Fantastic to work with. Trustworthy and hardworking, Rob puts his heart and soul into working with you.

Highly recommended.”

Sinéad Labella (Courtesans)

“Rob is an amazingly understanding and passionate human being. He’s easy to communicate with and has an extremely level head on him. If you’re also these things, you and Stampede will make a great team.”

Paul Barrow (Death Blooms)

“Rob is the tonic that every young band can benefit from. Success is not about quick wins or chasing the rainbow of fame – If you want to win the marathon not the sprint, Rob is your man.”

Guy Bellamy (Great Music Stories)

“Rob is one of the good guys in the music industry, which (sadly) is a rarity in our experience. So we were honoured to work with him and put our trust in him. We’d work with him again in a heart beat!” 

Sam Bolderson (Häxan)

“Rob has a friendly, honest, and open demeanour which made him incredibly easy to work with. We were deeply impressed with him, his work and advice for our music career.”

Cole Bryant (Hell’s Gazelles)

“With Stampede you get more than just people who are going to push something they believe in. Rob offers insight and some much needed council when trying to make sense of the ever changing music industry.”

Pete Pagonis (Idlewar)

“Rob is a passionate guy, whose enthusiasm for the bands and music he represents shines through in his work.”

Nick Ruskell (Senior Editor)

“The honesty, integrity & enthusiasm we have received is second to none. It is clear that Rob is pulling on the kind of experience that is only accrued through many years working in the music industry.”

Carl Davis (Krysthla)
Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts
Matt Michell & The Coldhearts

“I can highly recommend Rob at Stampede Press. A strong & honest voice to have as part of your team. His vision and advice on PR/Marketing is second to none“

Matt Mitchell

“Rob is passionate about our scene and advocating for new bands, and always operates with professionalism and drive.”

Eleanor Goodman (Editor)

“As the singer of Panic Cell, I experienced first hand Rob’s passion and commitment to finding the best ways to move a band forward with music promotion, press, and marketing.”

Luke Bell (Machine Head TM)
Pluggin Baby
Emma Scott_Pluggin Baby

“In an industry of untrustworthy people, Rob is a breath of fresh air. The fact he was a successful musician before setting up Stampede Press means he really understands how things work.”

Emma Scott (Pluggin Baby)

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Rob for many years, he is one of the good guys and is constantly evolving through this ever changing industry, staying ahead of the game.”

Terri Chapman (RPM Management)

“When starting a Samarkind campaign Rob at Stampede Press is first on the team sheet. He’s professional, very effective, and more than just a PR, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge.”

David Paul Byrne (Samarkind)
Skinny Knowledge

“It’s rare to find a PR agent that invests into your band as much as you do. Rob did exactly this. His passion and work ethic has helped kickstart our journey massively!”

Andy L Smooth (Skinny Knowledge)
Smoking Martha_Universe
Smoking Martha_Universe

“Rob at Stampede has been instrumental in raising our profile in the UK/Europe. He’s an invaluable asset with a wealth of insight in navigating the shady waters of this industry!”

Mick Broome (Smoking Martha)

“A GREAT company and hard working good people. SOiL use Stampede for PR and they kick ass. Hire these guys now!”

Tim King (SOiL)

“Rob gave us creative ideas that pushed our presence and we are stoked by the results. His knowledge, guidance and communication are second to none!”

Joey Draper (South Of Salem)

“It’s clear Rob at Stampede has his fingers on the pulse. More importantly he is passionate about music. Fans should know what makes your fans tick!”


“Hands down Rob is of the most genuine hard workers in the industry. Very professional whilst having the ability to be approachable, and most importantly, his work gets results!”

Ryan Mills (Thuum)
Unknown Refuge
Unknown Refuge

“The insight and knowledge that Rob has passed onto us has really acted as a catalyst to help us pursue music further than we thought we could. He is dedicated, hard working and all round a brilliant guy to have on board.”

Alex Mancini (Unknown Refuge)

“We love working with Stampede.  Rob has been invaluable to us in the last couple of years, he’s without doubt one of ‘the good guys.’ He’s great at what he does and he cares a lot about the acts he works with.”

Ally Dickaty (The Virginmarys)

“I can’t think of anyone better to advise emerging rock acts on strategy, growing an audience and formulating realistic and obtainable goals with pr and marketing.”

Bruce Dickinson (Waterbear)
Toby Jepson - Credit Adrian Hextall

“Rob has a natural instinct for this work and is, above everything, a brilliant reader of people. Stampede represents the tip of the spear when it comes to modern day PR and Social Media.”

Toby Jepson (Wayward Sons/Planet Rock)

“Stampede is an imaginative, cutting edge, technologically in the know and reliable one stop shop for all your publicity needs. We highly recommend them!”

Kip Winger (Winger)

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