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'Fans For Life' - Your direct Route to Building a REAL Fanbase

Our unique promotion service, tailored for bands and music artists, focuses on real growth in streams, fanbases, merchandise sales, and music industry influence. By delivering your best songs directly to targeted dedicated music fans, we create prolonged and impactful digital marketing campaigns. Unlike relying on playlists for casual listeners, our approach centres on cultivating true fans who contribute to long-term success that can enable you more opportunities in the music industry. With the addition of qualified music industry education, we’ll deliver unique learning opportunities, key tips, and recommendations to help you really strike a chord with music fans looking for their new favourite artist!

We put your best songs in front of 1000's of real listeners, music fans, and customers.

Music and spotify marketing for music artists and bands. Grow real streams with great music.

This service is perfect for you if

You are a music creator, artist or band

You have GREAT songs that need exposure

You want to connect with real music fans

You want to learn how to engage with listeners

You're looking to sell more merchandise

You want to get music industry attention

You don't want to be stuck alone doing the work

You are ready to invest some money and time

You want to work with trustworthy people

You want a music promotion service that works

benefits of using our service include

music marketing service for rock and metal artists

Increased Exposure

Promotion solutions for rock and metal music creatives, artists and bands

More Listeners

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Build Fan Bases

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Boost Merch Sales

Promotion solutions for rock and metal music creatives, artists and bands

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Six Key Reasons Why Your Band Needs A Fan Growth Strategy

Sustained Fan Engagement

An ongoing strategy allows bands to continuously engage with their existing fanbase, keeping them excited and involved in the band's activities, music releases, and live events.

Audience Growth

Consistent efforts to build fans lead to a growing loyal audience, increasing the band's reach and potential for attracting new fans through word-of-mouth and social sharing.

Revenue Generation

A larger engaged fanbase can contribute to increased merch and live ticket sales, music streaming and download purchases, providing sustainable band income streams.

Promote Music Releases

When bands release new music, fanbases help create strong visibility on music platforms, increased chances of success, and a big boost in the streaming and sales of their back catalogue music.

Networking Opportunities

A dedicated fanbase can help the band network within the music industry, connect with potential collaborators, and secure opportunities for gigs, sponsorships, partnerships and press/media promotion.

Long-Term Career Stability

Building and maintaining a fanbase over time provides stability and longevity to a band's career, reducing reliance on short-term trends and ensuring continued support and interest from fans.

“Our strategic approach not only expands your audience but also empowers you with qualified music industry education to help achieve more realistic goals in a sustainable manner that benefits your wellbeing and passion for creativity.”
- Rob Town MA (Stampede Press)

Electronic Press Kits for music artists and bands

Direct TO FAN Advertising

We ensure that songs are placed in front of 1000’s of real listeners who are more likely to enjoy the genre of music. Targeted advertising heightens the opportunity to reach true audio lovers that are looking for authentic experiences and support their favourite bands by becoming fans and superfans. More streams, more listeners, more followers, bigger fanbases, and customer growth to amplify and sustain your music career. Take the guesswork out of traditional promotion methods and start connecting with fans for life now.

Fan engagement

Growing a fanbase is only the first step. Engaging with fans is crucial for bands because it fosters a deep and lasting connection with their audience. These passionate supporters are the lifeblood of a band’s success, driving ticket sales, album purchases, and streaming numbers. By actively interacting with fans, whether through social media, live shows, or other means, bands can show their appreciation, gather valuable feedback, and create a sense of community. Deliver value, offer fans an experience that is powerful and Irresistible. Our growing library gives bands and artists the essential information needed to build and retain an army of fans for life.

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Credible Music PR and marketing for rock and metal artists

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You are we. As musicians ourselves with proven track records, we’ve been utilising digital marketing and advertising to help propel many band’s (including our own) careers that have resulted in world-wide media coverage and opportunities to share stages with some of the biggest names in the music business. But through our own experience we’ve learnt success comes at a cost to health. Spending too much time behind screens and managing robust and ever evolving digital systems can lead to burnout and loss of passion for the arts. We will provide you with a growing vault of assets direct from our own experiences to help balance your career and lifestyle, so you can spend more time being creative.

It's time to unlock the power of digital technology and reduce the risk of burnout when it comes to your music career. Discover how to become potent to music fans whilst spending more time being a creative musician and working towards your goals.

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Stampede Press is a music pr and marketing service for rock and metal artists
L-R Karl Middleton (Earthtone9) Rob Town (ex Panic Cell) Peter Moore (Anti-Clone)

Stampede Press is a dynamic music promotion agency specialising in delivering exposure for alternative, hard rock and heavy metal bands. We are committed to elevating your artist visibility to new heights within the fiercely competitive music industry.

Managed by musicians and music business professionals with proven track records in the industry and education sectors; we help boost artist profiles whilst professionally guiding musicians into getting the most out of their music aspirations. Our long term targeted promotion strategies can lead to increased visibility, fanbase growth, and revenue generation for artists with great music.