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Rob Town_Panic Cell

Rob ‘Bobby’ Town has over 30 years experience as a self managed musician and music business professional. As a member of British band Panic Cell; he’s shared stages/toured with Metallica, Alice In Chains, Papa Roach, Alice Cooper, Disturbed, Skindred, Slayer and many more. During this time, and since launching Stampede Press in 2012, Rob has allied with major label artists and breaking bands. He’s been mentored by legacy musicians and music business professionals who’ve been crucial to the success of major artists like Guns N’ Roses, Anthrax, Winger, Little Angels and many more.

Stampede Press has proven itself time and time again to be one of the most credible rock music pr and marketing agency’s in the world. Rob’s mission is to demystify the business of the music industry and empower those choosing to work in it.

Rob graduated as a Master of Art in 2019. He is credited as a Business & Innovation Tutor/Mentor at WaterBear – The College Of Music and continuously helps musicians and artists globally thrive to be happy online whilst navigating the music industry.

Rob's shared stages and worked with

Stampede Press is a professional pr and marketing service for rock and metal music artists and bands.


"Rob is a true innovator and I can't think of anyone better to advise emerging acts on strategy, growing an audience and formulating realistic and obtainable goals. He thinks long term and tells the truth."
WaterBear The College Of Music Brighton and Sheffield
Bruce Dickinson
WaterBear - The College Of Music
"I have had the pleasure of working alongside Rob for many years, he is one of the good guys and is constantly evolving through this ever changing industry, staying ahead of the game. I couldn’t recommend him enough."
rock music management
Terri Chapman
Rock People Management / Massive Wagons
“If you’re an aspiring musician and want a reality check that can seriously help you navigate the choppy music industry waters, look no further than this. Rob is one of the U.K’s most honest and genuine music business survivors.”
toby jepson little angels wayward sons planet rock
Toby Jepson
Planet Rock / Wayward Sons
"It's been a pleasure working with Rob at Stampede Press. His passion for music and genuine care for the bands he represents goes such a long way. He gave us creative ideas that have pushed our social media presence and we are stoked by the results. His knowledge, guidance and communication are second to none."
hard rock band
Joey Draper
South Of Salem

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