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Get more listeners, gain new fans, convert more customers and stand Out in the music industry.

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Calling all Music Creaters with GREAT SONGS!

Our Spotify promotion service is here to help musicians like you boost your Spotify streams, grow your fanbase, sell more merchandise, and make a bigger impact in the music world. We’re all about connecting your best songs with true music lovers, and listeners who are seeking great songs and artists. By focusing on building real connections, we create powerful digital marketing campaigns that stand out and support you with professional guidance and advice. We also make sure to keep your music away from bots and harmful playlists that could hurt your image. With us, you’ll find genuine fans who will be the foundation of your lasting success, opening doors to new opportunities in the music industry. Let’s make your songs get heard the right way.

We put your best songs in front of 1000's of real listeners, music fans, and customers.

Music and spotify marketing for music artists and bands. Grow real streams with great music.

This service is perfect for you if

You are a music creator, artist or band

You have GREAT songs that need exposure

You want to connect with real music fans

You want to learn how to engage with listeners

You're looking to sell more merchandise

You want to get music industry attention

You don't want to be stuck alone doing the work

You are ready to invest some money and time

You want to work with trustworthy people

You want a music promotion service that works

The benefits of using our Spotify PR services include:


Spotify is the beating heart of the music industry, connecting artists with a massive audience. With over 574 million users and 226 million subscribers, it's the ultimate stage for music artists

Skyrocket Real Streams

The magic isn't just in the music; it's in the numbers. We understand Spotify's intricate algorithms, dynamics, and preferences. Our expert team will strategically position your tracks to catch the attention of real listeners.

Unlock Exclusive Opportunities

Ever envisioned your music alongside industry giants? Our Spotify PR services forge connections that fosters attention, open doors, and create opportunities that could launch your career into the stratosphere.

Targeted Visibility

It's not just about being seen; it's about being seen by the right audience. Through data-driven insights and a deep understanding of audience behaviour, we meticulously target your music to resonate with the listeners who truly appreciate your unique sound.

Monetise Your Music

Passion should pay. Our services aren't just about boosting streams; they're about transforming your artistry into a sustainable income. Monetise your talent on Spotify and turn your musical passion into a sustainable career with the help of our credible and qualified team.

Your Music, Your Brand

Crafting an unforgettable story around your best songs is paramount. We work closely with you to define your brand, articulate your narrative, and create a magnetic allure that captivates both fans and music industry insiders.

“Our strategy helps you grow your audience and teaches you about the music industry. This way, you can set realistic goals and keep making music in a way that's good for you and your creativity. We focus a lot on increasing your Spotify streams, making sure your music reaches the right people and more of them.”
- Rob Town MA (Stampede Press Founder)

It's time to unlock the power of digital technology and reduce the risk of burn out when it comes to your music career. Discover how to become potent to music fans whilst spending more time being a creative musician and working towards your goals.

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Stampede Press is a music pr and marketing service for rock and metal artists

Stampede Press is a dynamic music promotion agency specialising in delivering exposure for alternative, hard rock and heavy metal bands. We are committed to elevating your group's visibility to new heights within the fiercely competitive music industry.

Managed by musicians and music business professionals with proven track records and qualifications in the music industry and education sectors; we help bands get their music seen and heard whilst professionally guiding musicians into getting the most out of their digital profiling. Our long term targeted promotion strategies can lead to increased visibility, fanbase growth, and revenue generation for bands with serious aspirations.