Do You Want Your New Music To Be Seen And Heard By Magazines, Webzines, The Music Industry, REAL Fans And More? Welcome To Music PR By Stampede Press. Our Campaigns Come Loaded With Benefits To Help Get Your Music Checked Out By Press And Media Outlets. Service Highlights Include:

EP/Album Reviews and Features

Feature Spots On Stampede Media

Music Industry Education E-Books

Advertising Procurement

Haulix EPK and Google Reporting

Stampede Press is looking for red hot talent to work with.

Do you have a new song/video, EP or album that deserves to be heard by more press, media and music fans? We’ve got you covered with our Music PR and Marketing services

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How long do PR campaigns run for?

Stampede works on a minimum 3 month pre-release advance schedule for Eps and albums. Press and media outlets receive huge amounts of pitches everyday, so the more time you can allow in advance of your ep/album release date, the better. With the volume of music submissions rising all the time, we advise contacting PR outlets well in advance of the release date to discuss the possibility of working together on promoting your new music. For standalone single/music video PR campaigns we will deliver press releases along with a follow up as part of the campaign..

DoES Stampede Guarantee Results?

While Stampede Press can guarantee giving you the best of their attention at all times, results will vary due to circumstances and there are no guarantees. Unless investing budget into advertising spend with media outlets; anyone that says they can guarantee results are misleading. Press and media outlets are inundated with music pitches everyday, so the more demand and newsworthy items you are able to supply, the better your chances when it comes to press and media outlets focusing on your music releases. Ultimately the end decision is with them. One PR/Marketing campaign does not equal instant success. Your music career is a marathon, not a sprint.

What are the costs involved?

The price of a music promotion campaign depends on what is actually required. Nowadays, PR alone is not enough to profile a music artist’s new release. Radio and streaming plugging should be considered at the right time, along with digital marketing and advertising. Rest assured, Stampede does the right thing by our clients and we always steers those we work with in the right direction. If Stampede believes we can help profile your music, we’ll be 100% transparent in the services required and the costs associated. Our job is to help you invest your music promotion budget in the best areas possible to help maximise opportunities and results.

Music PR & Marketing Services

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