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Welcome to Stampede Press and our Music PR service that specialises in promoting rock and metal artists. In the fast-paced music industry, getting noticed by magazines and webzines is both essential and challenging. At Stampede Press, we help you carve out a niche, amplify your profile, and ensure your music reaches the right press and media outlets.

We offer bespoke press campaigns tailored for new music releases, tours, festivals, and live events. With over two decades of experience in PR, we design campaigns that help your songs, EPs, and albums gain exposure in key magazines and webzines. Our expert service provides you with a portfolio of reviews and features that enhance your artist press kit and impress music industry professionals that can help you gain more opportunities.

Our extensive network of media partners allows us to match your music with the right people at the right time. We’ve spent years building music business relationships that ensure your art stands out amidst the flood of pitches, because we understand how best to pitch to music industry professionals whose time is extremely precious and limited. We know what it truly means to be human in the digital age and our communication skills are second to none. We pride ourselves on our authenticity, professionalism, qualification, and credibility.

We are proud to offer cost-effective PR packages that deliver impactful results without breaking the bank. These packages include one to one strategy consultations and educational ebooks to empower and enhance your understanding of the music industry whilst growing a real fanbase. Whether you’re an emerging artist taking your first PR steps or an established band looking to elevate your profile, Stampede Press is here to help with your goals.

Contact us today using the PR enquiry form below and let’s talk about your music.

Our PR Campaign Roster Includes

hard rock band
Toby Jepson ex Little Angels, Wayward Sons, planet rock dj
She Burns Red debut album Out of darkness
King Kraken heavy metal band
the third studio album by the Virginmarys

We service music releases to press/media outlets like these and many more

Rock and metal music PR services

Stampede PR campaigns come loaded with benefits including

Media Reviews & Feature Spots

Featured On Stampede Press Media

Digital Marketing Fan Growth Ebooks

Strategy Consultation / Q&A

Advertising Procurement

Haulix EPK and Google Reporting

rock and metal pr marketing services



"Stampede Press took us to a whole new audience. We have gone on to become one of the most talked about bands on the rock scene."
She Burns Red Scottish Hard Rock Band
She Burns Red
“Stampede's guidance was paramount to the success of our debut album, ‘MCLXXX’. We were astounded by their work and will definitely be back!”
King Kraken Welsh Heavy Metal Band
King Kraken
“Rob gave us creative ideas that pushed our presence and we are stoked by the results. His knowledge, guidance and communication are second to none!”
South of salem UK hard rock band
South Of Salem
"I can’t think of anyone better to advise emerging rock acts on strategy, growing an audience and formulating realistic and obtainable goals with pr and marketing."
WaterBear The College Of Music Brighton and Sheffield
Bruce Dickinson
“We love working with Stampede. Rob has been invaluable to us and is without doubt one of ‘the good guys.’ He’s great at what he does and cares a lot about the acts he works with."
The Virginmarys UK alternative rock band
The Virginmarys
“If you’re an aspiring musician and want a reality check that can seriously help you navigate the choppy music industry waters, look no further than Stampede Press."
toby jepson little angels wayward sons planet rock
Toby Jepson
Planet Rock/Wayward Sons


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Meet Your PR Manager

Rob Town_Stampede Press
"I'm here to help musicians avoid the scams and common pitfalls I and many others have fallen into. This is an opportunity for you to learn from my mistakes and successes, while thriving more with your passion for music!" - Rob Town

Stampede Press founder Rob 'Bobby' Town is a seasoned music industry professional with a Master of Art Degree in Music Industry Innovation and Enterprise. Rob combines his success as a musician and business professional with extensive music industry knowledge. He helps guide musicians successfully through their own careers by delivering quality PR campaigns, artist management strategies, educational platforms and mentoring / coaching.

Rob's shared stages & worked with

Stampede Press is a professional pr and marketing service for rock and metal music artists and bands.


How long do PR campaigns run for?

Stampede works on a minimum 3 month pre-release advance schedule for Eps and albums. Press and media outlets receive huge amounts of pitches everyday, so the more time you can allow in advance of your ep/album release date, the better. With the volume of music submissions rising all the time, we advise contacting PR outlets well in advance of the release date to discuss the possibility of working together on promoting your new music. For standalone single/music video PR campaigns we will deliver press releases along with a follow up as part of the campaign..

DoES Stampede Guarantee Results?

While Stampede Press can guarantee giving you the best of their attention at all times, results will vary due to different circumstances outside of our control. Press and media outlets are inundated with music pitches everyday, so the more demand and newsworthy assets you are able to supply, the better your chances when it comes to outlets focusing on your music releases. Ultimately the end decision is with magazine and webzine teams. One PR/Marketing campaign does not equal instant success but when done well and right, it can elevate your profile with music fans and industry professionals.

What are the costs involved?

The price of a music promotion campaign depends on what is actually required. Nowadays, PR alone is not enough to profile a music artist’s new release. Radio and streaming plugging should be considered at the right time, along with digital marketing and advertising. Rest assured, Stampede does the right thing by our clients and we always steers those we work with in the right direction. If Stampede believes we can help profile your music, we’ll be 100% transparent in the services required and the costs associated. Our job is to help you invest your music promotion budget in the best areas possible to help maximise opportunities and results.

Rock-Metal PR & Marketing Services