Blog: Stampede 6 years on… the reset button

26th July 2018

“Take a deep breath, go outside, make the time for a walk in a calm location and listen to music that moves you (turn off the net).

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Blog: New music company launches help for bands

10th July 2018

Lightning In A Bottle Set To Put The Music Back At The Heart Of Being A Musician
Lightning In A Bottle is a new consultation agency co-founded by Toby Jepson (Wayward Sons/Little Angels) and Rob Town (Stampede Press/Panic Cell).

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Blog: You Can’t Be Everything To Everyone

21st March 2018

You can’t be everything to everyone, especially in music business. It’s impossible in the ever evolving fast paced music industry and the 24/7 accessibility of social media and messaging. Continue Reading »

Blog: Overcoming Fear Of Failure In The Music Industry

1st February 2018

As technology rapidly evolves, what is supposed to make lives easier is possibly actually making them harder for musicians and bands. Continue Reading »

Blog: Sustaining mental health well-being in the music industry

16th May 2017

As someone that quit a full-time job in my late twenties to join a band and then go on to form a music business, I strongly feel the need to highlight concern about mental health. Continue Reading »

Heavy Music Awards Voting Opens 22nd May

7th March 2017

Some of the most influential heavyweight names in the rock and metal music industry have been confirmed as judges for the new Heavy Music Awards (HMAs), including Stampede’s very own Simon Hall.

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Vlog: "Reflecting back on 2016 & looking forward to 2017"

1st January 2017

Rob Town and Simon Hall welcome in the New Year, reflecting on 2016’s highs and lows, and discuss some of their hopes for the rock/metal community in 2017 and beyond.

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Blog: "Team Rock: Why we should care"

21st December 2016

Before my ramblings begin, if you haven’t yet: please take a moment to check out the fundraising page set up by Ben Ward (Orange Goblin), the link and details are below:
“On Monday the 19th of December, 2016, 73 members of the Team Rock staff were told that the company is going into liquidation and that they are being made redundant with immediate effect with ZERO pay.

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Blog: "Ego Vs Alter Ego…Know The Difference"

28th November 2016

Musicians…we are a passionate, creative, proud breed who long to create wonderful pieces of music and strive to make it the best possible.

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Blog: "So I quit music…Stampede four years on"

26th July 2016

So, I quit music…Today marks the fourth anniversary of Stampede Press UK. Four years ago, I officially took the plunge and formed my own limited company, in essence I evolved into self employed acrobat, juggling balls and balancing a thin tightrope that is the music industry…and for the majority, I love it.

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Blog: No One Cares More About Your Band Than You

20th March 2016

Musicians with serious ambitions will need to come to terms with the business, hard work and investment required to be a band nowadays. Continue Reading »

Blog: "Why we need positive boosts like Bloodstock Open Air"

24th August 2015

Do you know that feeling when close friends have a baby – then life gets in the way and you don’t see your friends as much – and then one day, perhaps 10 years later you see that baby again, they’ve grown up and instantly you’re taken back to when they were born and’s a time capsule.

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