"Take a deep breath, go outside, make the time for a walk in a calm location and listen to music that moves you (turn off the net). It's like a reset button."

6 years! How? 

My wife (aka my rock… not The Rock) has pointed out that today is the 6th anniversary of Stampede Press UK officially launching. And yep, she’s right… as are the kind well wishes on Linked In (thank you!).

It’s hard to believe, 2012 only seems like yesterday and this year marks 14 years+ of myself essentially being self employed and walking the tightrope of trying to thrive in an industry which I love dearly but can be extremely tough on emotions and most importantly, health. As I mention to any musicians/artists I work with, there are no guarantees BUT if the music shines and the pieces of the puzzles come together, the music industry can be so rewarding. The reality is, like most of the bands I work with, I’m an independent and not a major, I’m a small fish in a big pond. So, any “wins” I savour to the max, as should musicians/bands I work with and move forward without being downbeat that the next “rung of the ladder” hasn’t presented itself immediately.

If I could impart some advice to myself in 2012, it would be to trust your gut more and balance that with what’s in your heart and head. Don’t be afraid to say NO and embrace the YES moments to their full potential. Oh, and continue to learn. Evolve. Find your niche and positivity and align yourself with positive people. And finally, patience. It’s your friend and can help build a firewall in the darkest of days

Back to the present day. Stampede’s still here, though I’ve had to adjust the way it’s managed so I can continue and most importantly, ENJOY! What’s the point if it’s not fun? I’m also excited to see where a new venture will go I’m involved with. Check out Lightning In A Bottle – Help For Bands if you haven’t yet and please spread the news… it’s something that’s been set up to help music artists become unique, stronger and survive/thrive in what is a competitive pool of staggered, limited amount of opportunties. I’m also preparing to study for an MA (Music Industry Innovation & Enterprise) with WaterBear and can’t wait for that. The beauty of doing all this is that it everything is intertwined and will work together harmoniously (that’s the theory). Less stress, work smart, more fun. That’s the goal…

If I had to pin down what it is I’m trying to achieve with all this; education. Pretty much from the launch of Stampede Press back in 2012, I’ve wanted to help guide bands and advise them on the pitfalls the music business presents. There’s a lot we can do to maintain a healthy body and mindset whilst being creative and while the key essentials of networking and building relationships will never go away; I truly believe in this fast and furious digital age that musicians and bands will benefit from guidance and mentoring from the “grey hairs” (I’ve given up counting mine 😂) that have walked in their shoes time and time again.

Oh, and a final bit of advice for me circa 2012; If the business ever becomes overwhelming. Take a deep breath, go outside, make the time for a walk in a calm location and listen to music that moves you (turn off the net). It’s like a reset button.

Thank you everyone for your support, past, present and future! Cheers to you all and I wish you the very best with your adventures! 🥂🎂👍

Rob Town (26th July 2018)

Link: https://www.lightninginabottlemusic.com

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