So, I quit music…Today marks the fourth anniversary of Stampede Press UK. Four years ago, I officially took the plunge and formed my own limited company, in essence I evolved into self employed acrobat, juggling balls and balancing a thin tightrope that is the music industry…and for the majority, I love it.

25 year old me would disagree…

In 1998 I quit music. It was a dark period in my life, a lot of things had changed, and for the most part it was not for the best. Worst of all, I had fallen out of love with being a musician and being in a band. So I quit. I cut my hair, went “back to school” and got a career. Not very rock n’ roll, but it was major turning point in my life and on reflection, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Sometimes you NEED to fall out of love with something, to realise just how much you are in love with it.

Thanks to the support of my parents, family and friends, I was able to rise above, and during that period as a full time employee, I harvested so many new skills, knowledge and experience. It rooted me, gave me a better all round understanding, and truly embedded the blueprint of who I am today.

But once a music lover, always a music lover. The band bug “bit back” and just a couple years after “quitting music” I joined a new local band, and at the ripe old age of 28/29, went on to join a band that would change my life forever and lead me to where I am now.

My advice to 25 year old me? Take one day at a time, what will be will be. But whatever you do, do what’s right and make it count. You never know where life will take you.

“Make Your Music Matter.”

Rob – Stampede Press UK (July 2016)

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