I read a very interesting article regarding a solo musician who successfully profiled herself on You Tube in the early days of the platform, gathering hundreds of thousands of views and lots of interest; including major labels knocking at the door.. There’s no doubt this artist worked extremely hard to gain this attention, it was certainly no fluke and yes, she was eventually signed to a major label. Unfortunately things didn’t work out and as far as I know, she’s working extremely hard to pull back the success she previously achieved. I’m sure she’ll make it work.

To cut a long story short, anyone that knows me, REALLY KNOWS ME; know that I love music. Whether it’s performing live, in a studio or simply just discovering music or revisiting the classics that helped shape my life….I love music. But when it comes to being a musician, in all the years I’ve played in bands; ‘backstage’ the workload never stops…even if there are labels involved. From the early days of handing out flyers, passing on demo tape cassettes, to quitting music and then achieving “success” in the ‘noughties’….I was always part of a machine that was working 24/7. The biggest lesson anyone can learn in the music business…is that it’s just that…it’s a business. People that work in the industry are there to work, they’re there to earn a living, to pay the bills, just like you and me….whether it’s a full time job, part time, semi employed, freelance. It’s a job based on a rock n’ rollercoaster of passion, that more often than not, just about keeps the wolf from the door.

And that’s where the tricky part comes in for musicians / bands…especially in this day and age…it all boils down to passion vs business and understanding / coming to terms with the reality of this situation.

My take on it all: if you are serious about performing music and taking it to mass market, then you will need to come to terms with the business / hard work / investment required, and be as realistic as possible, whilst retaining the passion. If you manage this, and you’re music is the best it can be possibly be, you’ve got a shot at having great times, with some great people, who will support your music. Even when soul destroying times can seemingly beat us down, the highs that can be achieved in this world far out way the lows. Always savour the great moments, and keep them handy for when the dark clouds appear.

Never forget what made you fall in love with music in the first place. Keep that passion alive and be happy when it comes running your music business.

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This post was published on 20th March 2016 and filed in these categories; Blog.

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