Blog: Harness The Power Of Feedback

25th November 2020

As someone that’s creative and whose life involves time spent in music business (whether you’re a musician or working behind the scenes), there will be at least one person in your life trying to drag you across the coals for it. Continue Reading »

Blog: You Can’t Be Everything To Everyone

21st March 2018

You can’t be everything to everyone, especially in music business. It’s impossible in the ever evolving fast paced music industry and the 24/7 accessibility of social media and messaging. Continue Reading »

Blog: Overcoming Fear Of Failure In The Music Industry

1st February 2018

As technology rapidly evolves, what is supposed to make lives easier is possibly actually making them harder for musicians and bands. Continue Reading »

Blog: Sustaining mental health well-being in the music industry

16th May 2017

As someone that quit a full-time job in my late twenties to join a band and then go on to form a music business, I strongly feel the need to highlight concern about mental health. Continue Reading »

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