Musicians…we are a passionate, creative, proud breed who long to create wonderful pieces of music and strive to make it the best possible. We pour our hearts and souls into crafting musical landscapes, that we hope, will decimate capacity crowds, resonate with thousands of music fans online, and last a lifetime in the hearts of music fans.

Such is the passion, effort, and let’s not forget…MONEY…that’s poured into everything that comes with music, that it’s easy to forget, especially in this modern digital age, that there are a huge number of musicians and bands out there, and the majority of them have the same aspirations when it comes to delivering music to the masses.

A group of thrill seekers, musicians strive to break through the “infamous” glass ceiling, and for lots of bands, it’s a nemesis that’s slain many a musical act.

But don’t blame it all on the glass ceiling…It’s hardly its fault it was put there. It wasn’t always obvious, but trust me, it’s always been there, and trying to develop a band’s career to the “next level” has always been extremely difficult.

The internet, for everything good that it brings to the table, plays its part in piling on the mental pressures of being in a band in 2016. It’s a rollercoaster of a ride, with plenty of lows and the highs aren’t as frequent as one might wish…HOWEVER…if you’re a true artist…musicians are driven to smash through walls and make important marks, through hard work, great music and that word again…MONEY. But with such passion and drive in abundance, it’s a no-brainer that there’s an ego waiting to step out into the limelight and make a BIG impression.

Egos are crucial…they are integral for musicians wanting to make the leap from average Joe who is simply performing music, to someone larger than life ENTERTAINING on a big scale, and this is where it’s important to know the difference between your alter ego and ego.

1) An alter ego can be our ‘superhero’ self, and should be used for promotional events like live shows, music videos, professional band photos etc. Being larger than life in the public eye can go a long way to taking a band to another level. But there can be two sides to an alter ego. Keep it positive and avoid the destructive side.

2) Ego. Keep it in check. There’s no denying egos are part of an artist’s make up, but don’t be fooled into thinking they’ll carry a band to dizzying heights of success. More often than not, egos can shut doors and be the downfall of a band’s career.

We’re living in an age where communication is instant, the big opportunities are staggered, and doors can be opened and closed shut in the blink of an eye. There’s no room for ugly egos in this business. Don’t get caught out and mistake ego for passion. A solid good dose of humanity to dilute an ego can go a long way.

The key thing to remember in all this; there’s always going to be someone / something better, that we want but seemingly can’t get, and it’s “not fair”. No matter how good we think we are, there’s always someone in a better position (and this can be for so many different reasons, it’s not always about how good the music is/isn’t) and day to day situations can be extremely frustrating for aspiring musicians, who’ve spent much time, money and effort on their music careers. And in that one word, careers, we need to remember its relation to business and everything (good and bad) that comes with running a business.

Letting an ego over-rule common sense is a game changer, and more times than not, it’s not a good one. Taking a deep breath and thinking through actions, whilst not over analysing, before acting on them is an asset, and shouldn’t be dismissed because an ego thinks it should be leader of the pack.

This post was published on 28th November 2016 and filed in these categories; Blog.

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