5 Reasons why Bands Should Not Focus Solely on Streaming Numbers

Compelling Reasons Why Bands Should Prioritise Growing A Fanbase

In today’s digital era, streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube have become the primary avenues for musicians to share their music globally. While streaming numbers can gauge a band’s success, it’s crucial not to overemphasize them. Artists typically earn only $0.003 – $0.005 per stream, and the sheer volume of new songs uploaded daily (over 120,000) poses challenges.

This blog highlights five compelling reasons why bands should prioritise building a dedicated fanbase to ensure the sustainability of their careers, rather than placing streaming numbers as the paramount focus.

1. Artistic Integrity

Music creation is primarily driven by artistic expression, involving the sharing of personal stories, emotions, and creativity with the world. However, when bands fixate on streaming numbers, they may compromise their artistic integrity by chasing trends or catering solely to mass appeal. This hampers creative development and stifles the formation of a unique and authentic sound. Instead, bands should prioritise crafting music that resonates with their core fanbase and themselves, as authenticity is key to building a dedicated and engaged following over time.

2. Emotional Connection

Music holds the remarkable ability to forge lasting emotional connections. Streaming numbers gauge audience size but not emotional depth. A fixation on numbers can divert bands from cultivating meaningful relationships. To build a devoted fan base, bands must invest time and effort in engaging with their audience through live shows, social media, and other interactive methods, fostering loyal fans who extend support beyond streaming platforms.

3. Limited Revenue

Streaming platforms offer convenience for musicians but often yield minimal income, particularly for newcomers. The low revenue per stream makes sustaining a career solely on streaming royalties difficult. Relying solely on streaming numbers can lead to financial struggles. To ensure financial stability in the music industry, diversify income sources through merchandise sales, ticket sales, licensing, and crowdfunding alongside streaming.

4. Short-Term Success vs. Long-Term Sustainability

Streaming platforms can create a mirage of overnight success, but it’s often short-lived. A viral hit or high streaming numbers don’t ensure lasting success. Prioritising streams may neglect crucial elements like live performance skills, songwriting growth, and community building. For long-term sustainability, bands should emphasise honing their craft, cultivating a loyal fanbase, and establishing a solid foundation beyond the digital realm.

5. Oversaturation and Algorithm Changes

The music streaming landscape is competitive and ever-changing. Algorithms for playlist placements and recommendations shift often, posing challenges to maintaining steady streaming numbers. The oversaturated market, with daily uploads, makes visibility difficult. Rather than obsessing over streaming numbers, bands should diversify marketing efforts. Connect with music influencers, engage niche communities, and seek unique exposure opportunities to cultivate genuine fanbases.

While streaming numbers provide insights and help attract listeners, they should not dominate a music career, particularly for bands with serious music business goals. Balancing well-being, artistic passion, and music promotion is vital in managing digital platforms.

Bands should prioritise artistic integrity, emotional connection with fans, financial sustainability, long-term success, and a multifaceted music career approach. Striking this balance ensures a meaningful and lasting presence in the music industry alongside the benefits of streaming tools and metrics.


This post was published on 12th September 2023 and filed in these categories; Music Promotion.

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