Tyrannosaurus Nebulous - Tyrant Lizard King

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous debut album 'Tyrant Lizard King' isn't afraid to explore boundaries when approaching the legacy of classic hard rock. With tinges of metal, thrash, progression and musical acrobatics, this is a band that's stretching their legs and meshing passions in glorious technicolour, which is wonderfully illustrated by the album's sci-fi artwork.

“Massive old school riffs with infectious modern hooks and killer solos. Tyrannosaurus Nebulous rock Very hard indeed!!”Johnny Doom (Kerrang! Radio)

“An absolute powerhouse of killer riffs, amazing guitar solos, awesome vocals and sing a long classic rock tracks in the making!”Emma Scott (Primordial Radio)

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous are a four-piece hard rock band from Stourbridge in the Black Country. Their sound is crafted around classic 70’s hard rock, with listeners comparing the group to a diverse range of bands like AC\DC, Alice In Chains, Budgie and Thin Lizzy.

Having enjoyed previous success working with producer Gavin Monaghan Tyrannosaurus Nebulous began working on their debut album ‘Tyrant Lizard King’ in 2017 at Magic Garden Studios. The recording mixing and mastering process was completed just prior to the first 2020 lockdown in the UK, and since then the album has been on ice waiting for the music scene to rise once again.

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous debut album ‘Tyrant Lizard King’ isn’t afraid to explore boundaries when approaching legacy classic hard rock. With tinges of metal, thrash, progression and musical acrobatics, this is a band that’s stretching their legs and meshing passions in glorious technicolour, which is wonderfully illustrated by the album’s sci-fi artwork.

With an expansive imagination, Tyrannosaurus Nebulous are drawing on themes and reflection of pure sci-fi escapism that dives into alien conspiracy theories, SERPO, the Montauk Project, and the American Military’s interest in UFO sightings. The heavy riff drenched songs featured on ‘Tyrant Lizard King’ tell stories of a dystopian universe where a battle rages between man and extra-terrestrial forces of evil. Man’s only hope is to resurrect its greatest killing machine, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, modified with the best of modern killing and time travel technology.

With the current struggles the world faces, is this new album reaction an escapism story for our times, or are the band considering a futuristic reality of sorts?

The musical textures and lyrical themes throughout tracks like the hard hitting ‘Get Some’ and the euphonic ‘Deal With My Evil’ reflect on a group challenged by external and internal struggles seemingly beyond their control, as the album draws on a period of personal turmoil within the band, drawing on anger, heartbreak and personal loss. From marriage to divorce, weddings to funerals, and a major operation for a (thankfully benign) neck tumour a couple of months before potential paralysis; couple this with nearly two years since the pandemic struck the planet, it could have been all too easy for this album to have not seen the light of day and the band call time during sometimes seemingly impossible situations.

With the pedal to the metal rockers like ‘Lead Foot’, there is however more to this band than meets the eye. There is grit, patience and an admirable persistence and vision that shines within the Black Country rockers. Take for example the ambitious ‘TLK’ trilogy that underpins Tyrannosaurus Rex’s first studio long player, and along with closing bonus track, the rapturous ‘Never Gonna Be’, we have a band that has its eyes on the rear view mirror but also clearly looking forward to what’s up ahead.

Melodic throughout with light and shade lyrical storytelling entwining between fantasy and reality, Tyrannosaurus Rex’s debut album is a punchy affair that harnesses compelling classic rock vibes with a modern twist.

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous debut album,‘Tyrant Lizard King, will be released on Friday the 25th March 2022 and is available for pre-order here.


1. Get Some
2. Underdog
3. Lead Foot
4. Hate You
5. Deal With My Evil
6. Raw Deal
7. Auto Pilot
8. Magnetar
9. TLK I: Extinction
10. TLK II: Retaliation
11. TLK III: Redemption
12. Never Gonna Be (Bonus Track)


Matt Darby – Lead vocals, Guitar

Paul Darby – Guitar

Lee Jenkins – Bass guitar

James Miles – Drums, lead & backing vocals

All songs written by Tyrannosaurus Nebulous
Artwork by Bill Hauser
Recorded at Magic Garden Studios UK
Produced by Gavin Monaghan
Engineered by Joseph Murray and Liam Radburn
Mixed by Joseph Murray
Programming and keyboards by Gavin Monaghan
Spoken word by Stefan Guttel and Foxglove


Official Website: www.tyrannosaurusnebulous.com
LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/tyrannosaurusnebulous
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC93G5VzWGBeqFDJcEwTJy9A
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TyrannosaurusNebulous
Twitter: https://twitter.com/T_Nebulous
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tyrannosaurus_nebulous/
Bandcamp: https://tyrannosaurusnebulous.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tyrannosaurusnebulous/tracks

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous - Tyrant Lizard King


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