"No matter how hard things might get, don't give up. Give your plans and ideas time to breathe and crinkle out... you just never know where they might take you."

It’s official. Stampede Press UK has turned 7 years old.

It’s incredible to think how the music industry and business has changed and evolved since the 26th of July 2012. While I never had a defintive end game, when I decided to form my first limited company, from a musician’s perspective I wanted this venture to be honest from the start and offer music artists the chance to learn from my mistakes and avoid the common pitfalls that can drain the passion for something so wonderful as music. So, it was no surprise when I launched that Stampede was not just a PR agency. Of course, it was a business, but more than that it was me trying to help others. I admit to not always getting it right, and as a self employed person working alone, sometimes mistakes do happen and I shoulder the blame. But ultimately, none of that matters. What matters is the sustainability of passion, of creativity, of not giving up, to learn and be able to give something back when it truly matters.

For anyone on their own adventure, who legimately wants to work in one of the tougher business about and do the right thing… don’t give up. Find a way that doesn’t make offers suffer. For me that way has been to make the mistakes, and to learn from them. To build true relationships, and ultimately, true friendships with folks that share the passion, that want rational discussion to happen, and to see everyone surrounding them succeed and be happy.

I see my self as an average nice person with passion but with grit and determination. By pure coinincidence, the month of July has turned out to be an extremely important month for me and my career in music:

. July 2011: Panic Cell played their last ever show at Sonisphere Festival. A band surrounded by so many good people that allowed me many fantastic opportunities.

. July 2012: Stampede Press UK Limited is formed. For the first 4 years I reverted back to my birth name of Rob (in Panic Cell I was known as Bobby Town). I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to see if I could activate the business from a cold start based around my ethics and principles. Thankfully a lot of amazing people embraced my venture and I was able to officially be solely self employed for the first time in my life. So many people I’m grateful for giving me a chance 🙏

. July 2018: I formed Help For Bands – Lightning In A Bottle with Toby Jepson. Toby is one of those good people that took a punt on me in the early days of Stampede and continues to be a shining postive light. We need more Toby’s in this world.

. July 2019: I passed my Masters Of Art Degree in Music Industry Innovation and Enterprise. As someone that flunked college to be in a band, I never thought it possible to considered for an MA. Much love to WaterBear – The College of Music #Gamechanger

My point. It’s not to boast. Never. Life’s too short for that and I know I have so much more to learn in the time I have left on this planet and all in all… this is hard work, winning is not the point. My point is: if I can do it, so can you. No matter how hard things might get, don’t give up. Give your plans and ideas time to breathe and crinkle out… you just never know where they might take you 😀👍

If you are a musician, music artist or band with serious ambitions, consider booking a music management consultation with myself and Toby Jepson at Lightning In A Bottle. With proven tracks records in music the music industry as artists and music business, we can help put you on the best possible path and avoid common placed pitfalls.

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