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Multi-platinum, multi-million selling bonafide artists; Winger’s 1993 third studio album release ‘Pull’. is a masterclass in hard melodic rock, tinged with heavy metal influences. But by the time this album had been released grunge had conquered the music scene and Winger like all other bands of their genre fell off the radar. It was in 2009 that we rediscovered the band, who unbeknown to us had released two new studio albums, along with three solo albums by front man Kip Winger.

In 2013 Rob reached out to Kip, the main reason being that he felt the band deserved more credibility. Later that year he flew out to the USA to meet Kip and the band, and the beginning of a great friendship was formed. Fortunately, Kip wanted Stampede on his team. Between us we began a process of Winger being recognised for the talent he/the band are. It was during the 1990’s Winger received harsh lampooning due to a brief scene in Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ music video and the MTV series Beavis and Butthead. Whilst harsh, we put it to Kip that it was actually something that we could use to our advantage and would help in the band raising their profile in the modern age.

With the release of the band’s sixth studio album release ‘Better Days Comin’’ Winger’s team (including the band’s label Frontiers Records) set to work bringing back fans of old, quietening naysayers, and music fans (re) discover this great rock band. The new album broke into the Billboard charts and it finally felt the band were receiving the recognition they rightly deserved for their progressive, high level of musicianship. Championed by their peers (including Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater, Deep Purple‘s Steve Morse and Ty Tabor of Kings X), Winger’s new music received critical acclaim both on record and live: 

“This is a band who refuse to merely glide on past glories…Winger push their own boundaries” – Classic Rock Magazine / “A hard-hitting album…Winger’s blood is still pumping…so are the tunes”Kerrang Magazine! / “Stone Cold Killer sounds like the day’s first big moment. Headed For A Heartbreak feels even bigger”Metal Hammer Magazine (Download Festival live review, which saw the band joined by Dillinger Escape Plan bassist, Liam Wilson).

Kip Winger’s major passion is composing classical music, so whilst we were putting focus on the band, we also profiled the other side to the multi-talented artist. In 2016 the hard work for Kip really came to fruition. His debut classical music album ‘Conversations With Nijinsky’ (with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra) reached number one on the Billboard and iTunes charts, and Kip went on to be nominated for a Grammy Award for “Best Contemporary Classical Composition.”  Proof that good things do indeed come to those that have patience, the talent, and work hard crafting the best music they possibly can.

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