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When it comes to profiling music in 2022 the key to social media marketing is to focus on the quality, consistency, and engagement. If bands are hoping to have their music discovered, then social media needs to entertain as well as inform. 

Music fans have an abundance of content available to them, but by publishing interesting posts it can help encourage them to focus their valuable time on YOU. 

Ignoring social media or not using it correctly means  that bands could be missing out on opportunities.  If the thought of being more active on social media to promote your band overwhelms you, or maybe causes stress and anxiety; now is the time to take action.

Utilising 17+ years of social media business experience, Stampede founder Rob Town (MA) is qualified to plan and create digital strategies that can help a band’s profile be more visible to their online audiences, potential new fans, and the music industry.

social media marketing for bands


Social media is a powerful tool that helps build fanbases via visible organic and cost effective posts, but only if platforms like Facebook are used in the correct manner.


If you want your audience and the music industry to take your band seriously then social media is a potent way to demonstrate necessary social proof.


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have the means to help bands gather, build, and nurture great experiences for music fans that enables trust and loyalty.


For bands trying to secure gigs, tours, and festivals; showcasing PR and demand on social media is a proven way to get the music industry's attention

“Social media has been truly important in enabling me to have a career in the music industry, both as a musician and a music business person. The advent of MySpace in 2003 gave my band Panic Cell effective ways to fast track our music to audiences worldwide and connect with new fans in ways that were previously unavailable to bands. Social media in 2020 and beyond is a crucial tool in a band’s toolkit, if they hope to connect with their fans and sow seeds for meaningful relationships with them, potential new audiences, and the music industry. We are in the age of expression, a time where consumers have a wealth of content to choose from everyday. Strategy, effort, investment, and creativity have never been more important if bands are to truly connect with people that can help benefit their music careers. Social media, when done right and well, is an integral cog in the wheel of music promotion.”

Rob 'Bobby' Town

Stampede Press / Panic Cell


“Social media has become increasingly important in order to get seen and heard more and not get lost in the white noise. We entrust Rob’s experience to handle music marketing for us so that we can concentrate on what really matters: being a band and creating the music.”

Carl Davis


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Key Benefits

Be More Visible To Audiences

Working with Stampede means that you're benefitting from 17 years worth of experience, knowledge, skills, and tools that have helped dozens of bands be visible to music fans and the music industry all over the world.

Be A Band More

Spend less time on social media and more time being a band, making music, interacting with fans, and other key areas in music business. Social media is important but not if it's taking you away from furthering your goals.

Save Hours Of Work And Stress

Eliminate the worry about what to post and how to engage social media platforms. Working with Rob he'll help to take the anxiety out of digital profiling and bring in an effective yet simple approach.

Enjoy A Happier Social Media Experience

Social media is a powerful tool and should be used more to enhance musicians lives, not hijack them. Rob has 17+ years experience and can help bands understand how they can be happier using it.

Social Media Services

Content Production

From strategy, to curation, creation and publication, we've got your social media calendars covered.

Digital Marketing

Your brand's voice will be seen and heard on social channels where your audience and potential new fans are.

Instagram & Facebook Stories

Personalise your brand with short potent visuals, promote key news and features with this powerful platform.

1 2 1 Consultation

Have a happier experience with social media. Rob Town has over 17 years experience in SMM and can help guide you in an effective manner.

Who is this service ideal for?

For musicians looking to reduce time on social media and focus more on being a band and making music.

For bands wanting to post more regularly with content of value and be more visible to their audience.

Promote key moments (e.g. PR campaigns, behind the scenes in the studio, on location, gigs, tours etc) more effectively.

For musicians wanting to utlilise social media in a more positive way and avoid it negatively affecting their wellbeing.


“The power of marketing and social media can’t be underestimated but it’s not easy navigating it as a musician. Rob transforms the process; slick, clever, innovative, but never overblown. He is throughly pro, and always has an idea. A brilliant communicator, Rob is in possesion of a sharp mind and a focussed understanding of how digital and social media marketing can be utilised for maximum effect.”

Toby Jepson

Wayward Sons / Planet Rock / Little Angels

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Stampede Press

About Rob Town (Master of Art)

“A qualified creative artist with business smarts and proven track record in the music industry.”

QUALIFICATIONS – Masters Degree: Music Industry Innovation and Enterprise + Professional Diploma (Distinction) in Social Media Marketing (SCQF Level 8 and EQF Level 5).

A musician for more than 30 years, Rob has worked in the music industry full time for over 17 years as an artist (Panic Cell) and music business owner (Stampede Press and Lightning In A Bottle). From performing on stages worldwide supporting prolific bands like Metallica, Disturbed, Alice In Chains, Slayer and many more, to operating music PR and Management companies; Rob has experienced the rollercoaster ride that comes from working in the music industry and truly understands what it is like to walk in both a musician and self employed business person’s shoes.

Rob’s mission is to help musicians understand the music industry better, avoid common pitfalls, and enable sustainable wellbeing and positive mental health. In his experience social media is a powerful tool that’s helped lead to incredible opportunities, but also at a cost to his physical wellbeing and mental health.

The past few years has seen Rob re-train and invest in himself with education and new technology that now allows him a better social media experience and in turn, take pressure off of the clients he works with.

“Since 2003 social media has played an incredibly important part in enabling me to have a career in the music industry, both as a musician and business. When done right, social media cannot be underestimated and can be a game changer for bands and music artists.” – Rob Town (MA)

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Toby Jepson


Cost effective social media management services for bands and music artists wanting to be more visible online to their fans and music industry.


60 minutes of dedicated 1:1 time via Zoom, to power up your knowledge of social media management and digital marketing, so you can use it more effectively for your music.
£ 59
60 minutes
  • 1 hour zoom consultation
  • E-book: Social Smarts
  • Social media health check
  • Recommendations


£ 300 Monthly
  • 1 power hour consultation
  • Strategy planning
  • Content servicing
  • 12 Facebook posts
  • 12 Twitter posts
  • 12 Instagram posts
  • 12 Instagram stories
  • 12 Facebook stories
  • Monthly Reporting

How To Book A Service

Contact Rob

Get in touch with Rob via the form below. Once booked he'll get you onboard with a simple asset collection process.

Review and research

Once Rob's received the necessary assets back from you, he'll review and research over the course of three working days.

Social calendar

Rob will begin building your social media content. Once approved he'll implement publishing appropriate to each platform.

Stampede Press

Tips and news

Stampede keeps its finger on the pulse of the ever changing social media landscape; Rob keeps you up to date.

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