Making sure a band’s fanbase gets the important news is a must.

With music consumed at such a fast rate, it’s crucial for bands to build loyal fanbases, keep them informed and excite them with their latest news

By utilising Facebook’s  advertising platform and honing in on the best possible audience demographics, Stampede  can help band’s reach their fans and potential new ones.

Targeted advertising is ideal for key focus moments including promoting a new album, music video, tour, live events and more. When aligned with solid strategy for valuable social media content, it’s a potent force to be reckoned with.

By ensuring music fans receive crucial information at the right time, great content and marketing helps the process of converting casual clicks into purchases, be it online or at live events, which is where mosts music makers will sell their merchandise.

Facebook and Instagram users make up a BIG percentange of people who use the Internet regulary, resulting in a vast advertising opportunity for musicians to promote their music. While Facebook pages, groups, stories / Instagram functions are an great way to market your music organically, ever changing algorithm switches on social media platforms can have a big impact on how many people see your posts and keeping up with the shifting trends can be a daunting task.

By carefully using Facebook’s advertising platform and honing key content that resonates with your audience, a big positive swing is possible. Not only can your social media audience grow, it plays a big part in turning casual listeners into fans and ultimately, customers.

Stampede has spent years and thousands of pounds utilising Facebook ads which has seen many of our clients benefit and result in more of their fans seeing their keyworthy content and gaining new fans legitimately both on Facebook and Instagram. With mobile devices THE go to for most internet users nowadays, all our adverts are optimised to meet the criteria for your fans to view your content on their phones and pads, as well as desktop and laptop computers.

Advertising via Facebook and Instagram will help your band’s brand awareness reach more people and breed familiarity and the budget doesn’t need to cost the earth. If you’ve got great content and want it to be seen by more people, it’s still the most cost effective way to promote your music.

N.B. Targeted advertising is only available as part of Stampede’s Music Marketing Package. Click here.

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