"If you're in a self release band and looking to make an impact with your music, a great looking Press Kit is an absolute must. Stampede's press kits are well laid out and make a great impression on first impact, and most importantly simplify the process when sending your music to influential media / industry persons. With 100's of music pitches made everyday via email and more, cutting through the masses with great visual to help your music be heard is crucial."
Rob Town
Stampede Press


Whilst digital promos are often the favoured choice of promo submissions, presenting a high impact hard copy press kit at the right time is still an important way for getting on influential music tastemakers radars and getting outside the digital ‘inbox’.

Stampede can design you an industry one sheet, a crucial asset for your music press kit, both for print and digital use.

Professionally designed by our qualified graphic design team, we’ll help your keyworthy notes and important facts pop out on first impact. You’ll receive a hi-res PDF file for print and web.

Making the most of having music industry persons attention is key. Presenting a professional CD with keynotes can make a difference. Stampede will design a cd onbody and arrange manufacturing of great looking CDs in plastic wallets.

Combined together, these assets will help your music submission stand out for the right reasons.



With music releases being submitted at a rapid rate everyday, having an easy to navigate EPK is a must. 

Stampede showcases ep and albums by creating high impact EPKs with MP3 tracks, text content, photos, artwork, PDF attachments and YouTube videos.

Ideal for band’s self releasing music and handling PR themselves; Stampede curates a professional looking web page for your promo that’s loaded with key music industry logistics. 

You have total control over who sees your promos and what they have access to. Stream, download the music or both. It’s up to you.

Utilising the Haulix platform and its watermarking security, multiple digital inaudible fingerprints are embedded into each track so that every download/stream can be traced back to the listener. With weekly reports, you’ll soon know if your contact has been checking out your new music and enable you to act appropriately in a professional manner.

If you allow promo downloads, contacts will be able to download the zipped album and stream the tracks offline on their mobile and desktop devices.

Listeners can submit feedback and download the tracks/PDFs/photos/cover art: all packaged in a ZIP file.

If streaming is turned on, your promo will have a music player at the bottom of the screen. The listener can stream or download individual tracks. Tracks are streamed using HTML5 audio, so there are no other plugins or applications required to use your EPK.

We make it easy to collect the required information and assets from our clients by utilising cloud technology. No long strings of emails required.



  • Secure music hosting for upto 13 tracks
  • Stream and download music from any device
  • Embedded videos
  • Hi-res art and images
  • Pdf file storage + links to cloud platforms
  • Upto 150 unique unlisted watermarked links


See Red. Be Heard.

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