Want to get your new music seen and heard?

Stampede delivers our clients crucial content, including ep and album PR campaigns, in a timely and professional manner that gets noticed by magazineswebzinesradioplaylists, and television outlets.

Making the best impression on first impact is a must. Once a campaign is booked, we’ll discuss the best methods for getting your music seen and heard.

For release campaigns, we recommend a three month lead up to the release date of an EP or album release. This is due to the high volume of music submissions on a regular basis and allows us enough lead time to get your product into the hands of important media persons and give them time to digest.

Each campaign we serviced is tailored for you. Stampede utilises the latest technology and proven methods to help make your music matter more and stand out from the crowd.

All our clients receive notable profiling on Stampede’s web and social media channels and we work alongside artists to help them maximise the exposure they receive on their own platforms.



EP/Album Submissions & Press Releases

Music Promotion

Electronic Press Kits

Print & Webzines

TV, Radio & Playlist Plugging

Advertising Procurement

Stampede Press  is looking for fresh, exciting, creative bands to work with, and help them reach the next level. If you’re an aspiring artist, wanting to shake things up, and release a new EP or album, please fill in the form below.

If your music is something that Stampede feels passionate about and believes we can help, you’ll receive a FREE, no obligation, 20 minute consultation to discuss your plans.

Once Stampede has had the opportunity to appraise new music submissions, and if we believe we can be of assistance, we’ll be in contact within five days of submission with details on your free, no obligation, 20 minute consultation.

Whilst Stampede Press will take care to review all music submitted, we cannot guarantee response to every submission. For aspiring musicians, looking for honest advice and guidance on how to avoid common pitfalls, and understand the music industry better, you may wish to consider booking a consultation with Lightning In A Bottle.

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