Solid strategies to help get yourmusic heard and build fanbases.

"THE HARD SELL IS DEAD! In an age where digital content is fast and furious, and competition is fierce, an evergreen and evolving path to marketing music is crucial to helping music artists be more visable. Social media gives artists a plethora of free and cost effective ways to market music and knowing proven methods and current trends can give you an edge over 1000's of other music artists seeking the same opportunities!" - Rob Town

Thanks to the power of the internet, music marketing has become a lot more accessible with endless opportunities to discover current trends and methods and apply it to your own marketing campaigns.

However with all the options available the key fact remains that running a music marketing campaign takes time, patience, effort and results will always vary, especially if focus isn’t placed in the right areas.

Being in a band in the modern music business provides a lot of positives and negatives, and how creativity and business goals are balanced is key to succeeding. Whilst social media is only one option when it comes to marketing music, it remains an important one, providing opportunities to explore untapped creative ideas. 

A self-managed approach: My ‘Music Marketing’ package features:

. 1 hour phone/Zoom consultation to help get you started and understand better where you are in your music career right now.

. 10 Step Challenge to helpmusic artists find their own UNIQUE! There are 1000’s of similar bands out there but what is going to help seperate you from the others is GREAT music and an understanding of you, your band and others crucial to helping elevate your music career. It’s all about the story.

. My ‘Social Media Music Marketing’ tips are what I use on a daily basis to aid music promotion campaigns I am involved in, helping to ensure new music releases not only target current fanbases but also reach potential new fans. Treat this guide as a starting point and get comfortable. Once you are more confident, research other platforms but try to avoid being overwhelmed. My top tips are always aim for value and be prepared; try to include more than one person when it comes to implementing social media strategy. 

Phone/Zoom Consultation

Social Media Marketing Tips

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Stampede Press founder Rob Town has spent over 15 years marketing bands and businesses, including Panic Cell, Stampede Press and Lightning In A Bottle (with co-founder Toby Jepson). He's currently studying for an MA (Masters Of Art Degree) in 'Music Industry Innovation & Enterprise' with WaterBear Music College (University Of Chichester) and is quickly becoming one of the "go to persons" for rock/metal bands looking for honest advice and practical solutions to profiling their music in a saturated market.

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