Proven methods for scaling PR & Marketing without spending ££££'s

Are you sick of struggling to grow your band profile and ready to get off the rock ‘n’ roll rollercoaster?

When you started your band and began releasing your own original music it’s likely you had visions of building something you were proud of. With the means to self manage music promotion with DIY PR and marketing campaigns maybe you thought it might be simpler than it actually is.

The reality is that there are thousands of bands and music artists all trying to achieve the same goals with limited and staggered windows of opportunities. Without the best possible strategy, connections, resources, and effort necessary to run a successful pr and marketing campaign, it can sometimes all too easily feel like a fruitless venture.

The temptation to hire an expert and spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds with PR and marketing agencies or even seemingly “too good to be true” deals can seem like the answer. However, it’s likely it’s not the right thing for you nor do you have an endless stream of money to fund promotion campaigns that don’t guarantee success.

With an abundance of information on the internet, going DIY is the most realistic option for many bands and musicians, however it can be an overwhelming process and often feel impossible to manage whilst maintaining your passion for music and sustaining a happy lifestyle.

Take the stress out of PR & marketing...
Introducing 1-2-1 mentoring with
Rob Town (MA) and discover how to:

. Avoid wasting time and money on the wrong things

. Stop being overwhelmed by all the options on offer

. Get all the right things you need now to grow your music profile

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Access 30+ years experience of music industry PR and marketing knowledge right now. Discover YOUR next best right move, faster. Stop wasting time and money. Schedule a consultation with Rob (Master Of Art) now.

Imagine not having to struggle and constantly question if what you’re doing is the right thing. Running a successful PR and marketing campaign is not rocket science, but in the daily digital hustle; knowledge and common sense can easily get lost and time and money wasted.

By scheduling a PR and marketing mentoring call with experienced musician and music business professional Rob Town (MA),  you are guaranteed to get the best possible advice, guidance, and answers to your questions. With a Master’s Degree in Music Industry Innovation & Enterprise + social media certified; Rob is qualified to boost flagging spirits and help guide you through the music pr and marketing maze with innovative, finger on the pulse, forward thinking.

This service is a done for you package that’s tailored to your music career. It’s been designed to help bands and musicians understand the key cornerstones of PR and marketing enabling you to take control of your self managed campaigns with confidence.  By speaking to Rob you’ll know when it’s the right time to hire reputable experts and agencies, work with innovative communities, and understand who these people and circumstances are better.

This service includes


A great opportunity to fast track your knowledge about crucial music pr and marketing solutions via a 1-2-1 mentor session with Rob Town (MA).


Discover the key methods and techniques Rob uses to run successful client service campaigns with PR, marketing and flow state productivity e-books.


You'll receive a list of resources Rob uses everyday to run his business + recommendations and referrals to reputable music industry experts and organisations.

Key to success E-Books

Meet Rob Town (Master of Art)

Musician & Music Business

Rob has over 30 years experience of being a musician. He is the founder of two active reputable music businesses.

Master Of Art

In 2019 Rob graduated with a Masters Degree in Music Industry Innovation & Enterprise via Waterbear.

Social Media Qualified

Rob has a professional diploma (Distinction) in Social Media Marketing (SCQF Level 8 & EQF Level 5).

Rob ‘Bobby’ Town has over 30 years experience as a DIY musician and music business professional. As a member of British rock band Panic Cell; he’s shared stages and toured with Metallica, Alice In Chains, Papa Roach, Disturbed, and many more. During this time, and since launching his PR agency Stampede Press in 2012, Rob has worked with major label artists and rising bands. He’s been mentored by musicians and music business experts who’ve broken some of the biggest rock and metal acts of our time. 

In 2018 Rob co-founded Lightning In A Bottle with Toby Jepson (Planet Rock/Wayward Sons/Little Angels); a music management consultation agency that helps bands and musicians tap into creative spark and uniqueness. 

2019 saw Rob graduate as a Master of Art. He is credited as a Business & Innovation Tutor at WaterBear – The College Of Music and continuously seeks to help musicians thrive and be happy online whilst navigating the music industry.

Rob's music portfolio includes

Rob's shared stages and worked with



Toby Jepson


"I have worked with Rob Town for a few years now. Rob's been around the block in the business many times - he's a born survivor, having seen and adapted to all the changes in the music industry over the last 20 years. Rob is a true innovator and I can't think of anyone better to advise emerging acts on strategy, growing an audience and formulating realistic and obtainable goals. He thinks long term, tells the truth and is not afraid of hard work. Get in touch and see what he can do for you and your music."
Bruce John Dickinson
WaterBear - The College Of Music
"As the singer of Panic Cell, I have experienced first hand Rob's (or Bobby, as I know him) passion and commitment to finding the best ways to move a band forward. He expertly navigated us through many of the pitfalls that come with promoting an act, and in the years following where I have worked with everyone from Florence and the Machine to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Machine Head, I have not found anyone with a better grasp on the fundamentals of band related press, PR and marketing!"
Luke Bell
Machine Head TM / Panic Cell
"I have had the pleasure of working alongside Rob for many years, he is one of the good guys and is constantly evolving through this ever changing industry, staying ahead of the game. Rob's advice and knowledge have helped me no end and I couldn’t recommend him enough."
Terri Chapman
RPM Management - Massive Wagons
“Rob is a passionate guy, whose enthusiasm for the bands and music he represents shines through in his work.”
Nick Ruskell
Kerrang! Magazine
“Rob has a natural instinct for this work and is, above everything, a brilliant reader of people. Stampede represents the tip of the spear when it comes to modern day PR and Social Media.”
Toby Jepson Planet Rock
Toby Jepson
Planet Rock / Wayward Sons
“We love working with Stampede. Rob has been invaluable to us in the last couple of years, he’s without doubt one of ‘the good guys.’ He’s great at what he does and he cares a lot about the acts he works with.”
Ally Dickaty & Danny Dolan
The Virginmarys
“Rob is passionate about our scene and advocating for new bands, and always operates with professionalism and drive.”
Eleanor Goodman
Metal Hammer
“The honesty, integrity and enthusiasm behind the service that we have received is second to none and it is clear that Rob is pulling on the kind of experience that is only accrued through many years working within the music industry.”
Carl Davis
“In a world of spin, and over-promising and a fair few false dawns, Rob is the tonic that every young band can benefit from. He’s been through it as a musician himself, he’s seen the trap doors, the big pitches and the empty promises. He has bottled his passion for music, mixed it with the realism of how the scene works and backed up his music industry advice with a University qualification. He won't always tell a band what it wants to hear, and he’ll challenge a few to really examine what good really looks like. But we need more of this shaping the scene today. Success is not about quick wins or chasing the rainbow of fame - it's about original music, sustained momentum and building trusted relationships that last the distance. If you want to win the marathon not the sprint, Rob is your man."
Guy Bellamy
Great Music Stories

This service is perfect for you if...

You're serious about PR & Marketing

Cautious about your budget and want to understand the pros and cons of hiring an expert or going DIY? Book your session now to know what's best.

You can't afford to pay out ££££'s

Save money by booking a call with Rob. You'll quickly find out what the best next right move is for your music profiling without it costing the earth.

You're feeling overloaded and underwhelmed

With so much information available on the internet and a ton of digital platforms to manage, it's easy to spread yourself too thin. Get back on track.

You want to build real relationships

Authentic communication and relationships with human beings is the heartbeat of every serious PR and marketing campaign. Don't miss out.

You're ready to implement new strategies

There is so much to love about digital platforms and the continuous innovation presented daily. Find out what could be working for you, faster.

You want to discover ways to make real fans

Great music deserves to be heard but how do you break through the white noise and be more visible to music fans and customers? Book your call now.



Are you sceptical about paying ££££’s of pounds for PR and marketing? Does that cheap deal you’ve seen popping up on your social media feeds seem too good to be true? Then it’s likely you want the best possible CORRECT information when it comes to PR and marketing but need to talk to someone credible, qualified and with a proven track record in the music industry. Rob Town can help you with this.

why should i trust Rob?

Rob is a DIY musician who has taken his music career to the max and enjoyed the highs and knows well the many lows. With a proven track record in the music industry, he’s backed up his experience with a Masters Degree University Qualification so that he can help other musicians avoid the pitfalls he’s fallen into. Being confident, positive and staying happy are crucial to success in Rob’s experience.

Will this service teach me everything I need to know?

This service is Rob’s own journey; designed to help others and outlines all the key necessary “nuts and bolts” musicians need to educate themselves about pr and digital marketing in 2020. It’s not a course, it’s an educational entry point that serves as the foundations to your unique roadmap which, when used right, can be extremely helpful for musicians trying to self manage music pr and marketing and want to know more about helping themselves make the right moves.

What does the consultation involve?

It’s your opportunity to tailor a 1-2-1 conversation with Rob about how best to proceed with your music pr and marketing campaigning. Rob will be on hand to discuss key points and advise on best routes forward to help enable more success for your campaigns.

will rob provide contact details for press and media?

In short, no. This service is about helping you to help yourself and discover the best possible routes to building real relationships with the press and media. The internet is a powerful tool and it’s easy to find out contact details. It’s how you manage these situations and environments that matters.

How do I book this service?

Click on the button below. You’ll be able to book the service using Paypal debit/credit card and choose a day/time for your consultation. You’ll get the e-books and Zoom meeting link  delivered to your email address in advance of the consultation.

Do I need to read the e-books before the consultation?

You can read the books at your leisure, so don’t feel any pressure to read these immediately. Rob will touch upon certain points in the book in the consultation and recommend which sections will be best to focus on dependent on your situation. Cutting edge and evergreen content means you can refer back to these books whenever it suits you.


See Red. Be Heard.

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