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Hi there, my name's Rob Town

I’m here to help musicians and bands get noticed by the press/media, music industry and real music fans. 

I have over 30 years experience as a musician, playing at both grassroot and super high levels. During my time in the UK band ‘Panic Cell’ I was fortunate enough to share stages and tour the world with some of the biggest rock and metal acts of our era.

As a music business owner and QUALIFIED Master of Art in Music Industry Innovation and Enterprise, I regularly work with musicians to help them achieve their goals and adapt in what is a fast moving business. PR and marketing are just some of the services I offer.

I am a mentor / coach / tutor and strongly believe the music industry is a human experience that needs to be carefully navigated and managed. #KnowledgeIsPower #PositiveMindset

A champion of music education, I teach at WaterBear – The College of Music in Brighton where I educate University students about the music industry and Digital Culture (past, present, and future).

Finally, I applaud anyone that wants to make music a key part of their lifestyle, because I’m proof that success is possible IF you have the know-how and confidence needed to navigate music business.

Want to know more? See below. I look forward to working with you.

Rock Metal Music PR Marketing
"It's been a pleasure working with Rob at Stampede Press. His passion for music and genuine care for the bands he represents goes such a long way. He gave us creative ideas that have pushed our social media presence and we are stoked by the results. His knowledge, guidance and communication are second to none."
hard rock band
Joey Draper
South Of Salem

Meet Rob Town (Master of Art)

Stampede Press_Rob Stampede

Rob's shared stages and worked with

Alice Cooper_Rock Artist
Alice In Chains_Rock Band
American Head Charge_Nu Metal
Anthrax_Thrash Metal
Bloodstock Metal Festival
Candlebox_rock band
Devilskin_New Zealand
Download Music Festival
Drowning Pool
Frontiers Music SRL
Hed PE
Ill Niño
In This Moment
Jizzy Pearl's Love/Hate
Life of Agony
Panic Cell rock band
Papa Roach_rock band
Plastic Head Music Distribution
Queensrÿche_metal band


Sabaton_Metal Band


Skindred_rock band
Skid Row_rock band
Staind_nu metal band
soil_nu metal band
Slayer_thrash metal band
Rock Music Festival
Terrorvision_rock band
Testament_thrash metal band
Toby Jepson
The Virginmarys_rock band
Wacken Open Air_Metal Music Festival
WaterBear_Music College based in Brighton and Sheffield
Wayward Sons_rock band featuring Toby Jepson (Little Angels/Planet Rock Radio)
american rock band

Rob's portfolio includes

Panic Cell_Rock Band
Music PR and Marketing services for rock and metal artists
Lightning In A Bottle_Toby Jepson
WaterBear_The College Of Music

Access 30+ years experience of music artistry, business and education. Enjoy happier times being a musician in the modern day music industry.

This service includes


A great opportunity to fast track your knowledge about crucial music industry and business solutions via a 1-2-1 strategy session with Rob Town (MA).


Discover the key methods and techniques Rob uses to run successful client service campaigns with PR, marketing and productivity e-books.


You'll receive a list of resources Rob uses everyday to run his business + recommendations and referrals to reputable music industry experts and organisations.

Stampede Press
Rock Music PR and Marketing
Stampede Press
Rock Music PR and Marketing


"I have worked with Rob Town for a few years now. Rob's been around the block in the business many times - he's a born survivor, having seen and adapted to all the changes in the music industry over the last 20 years. Rob is a true innovator and I can't think of anyone better to advise emerging acts on strategy, growing an audience and formulating realistic and obtainable goals. He thinks long term, tells the truth and is not afraid of hard work. Get in touch and see what he can do for you and your music."
Bruce Dickinson WaterBear - The College Of Music
Bruce John Dickinson
WaterBear - The College Of Music
"As the singer of Panic Cell, I have experienced first hand Rob's (or Bobby, as I know him) passion and commitment to finding the best ways to move a band forward. He expertly navigated us through many of the pitfalls that come with promoting an act, and in the years following where I have worked with everyone from Florence and the Machine to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Machine Head, I have not found anyone with a better grasp on the fundamentals of band related press, PR and marketing!"
Panic Cell_Luke Bell
Luke Bell
Machine Head TM / Panic Cell
"I have had the pleasure of working alongside Rob for many years, he is one of the good guys and is constantly evolving through this ever changing industry, staying ahead of the game. Rob's advice and knowledge have helped me no end and I couldn’t recommend him enough."
Terri Chapman_Massive Wagons and RPM Management
Terri Chapman
RPM Management - Massive Wagons
“Rob is a passionate guy, whose enthusiasm for the bands and music he represents shines through in his work.”
Nick Ruskell Kerrang!
Nick Ruskell
Kerrang! Magazine
“Rob has a natural instinct for this work and is, above everything, a brilliant reader of people. Stampede represents the tip of the spear when it comes to modern day PR and Social Media.”
Toby Jepson Planet Rock
Toby Jepson
Planet Rock / Wayward Sons
“We love working with Stampede. Rob has been invaluable to us in the last couple of years, he’s without doubt one of ‘the good guys.’ He’s great at what he does and he cares a lot about the acts he works with.”
alternative rock band
Ally Dickaty & Danny Dolan
The Virginmarys
"In an industry of untrustworthy people, Rob is a breath of fresh air, and I’m happy to recommend him to any musicians that are looking to climb the ladder and work with a reputable PR agency on their press. The fact that Rob was a successful musician before setting up Stampede Press means he really understands how the industry works. He knows what can be achieved and will always put his heart and soul (and a lot of effort) into any campaign he takes on. He’s open and honest, and most of all, he’s human and he cares about the results he gets for you."
Emma Scott_Pluggin Baby
Emma Scott
Pluggin Baby
"It's been a pleasure working with Rob at Stampede Press. His passion for music and genuine care for the bands he represents goes such a long way. He gave us creative ideas that have pushed our social media presence and we are stoked by the results. His knowledge, guidance and communication are second to none."
hard rock band
Joey Draper
South Of Salem
“Rob is one of the good guys in the music industry, which (sadly) is a rarity in our experience. So we were honoured to work with him and put our trust in him. We’d work with him again in a heart beat!”
Female hard rock group in the music industry
Sam Bolderson
“Rob is passionate about our scene and advocating for new bands, and always operates with professionalism and drive.”
Eleanor Goodman_Editor of Metal Hammer Magazine
Eleanor Goodman
Metal Hammer
“The honesty, integrity and enthusiasm behind the service that we have received is second to none and it is clear that Rob is pulling on the kind of experience that is only accrued through many years working within the music industry.”
krysthla_bloodstock festival
Carl Davis
“In a world of spin, and over-promising and a fair few false dawns, Rob is the tonic that every young band can benefit from. He’s been through it as a musician himself, he’s seen the trap doors, the big pitches and the empty promises. He has bottled his passion for music, mixed it with the realism of how the scene works and backed up his music industry advice with a University qualification. He won't always tell a band what it wants to hear, and he’ll challenge a few to really examine what good really looks like. But we need more of this shaping the scene today. Success is not about quick wins or chasing the rainbow of fame - it's about original music, sustained momentum and building trusted relationships that last the distance. If you want to win the marathon not the sprint, Rob is your man."
Guy Bellamy_Radio Presenter
Guy Bellamy
Great Music Stories
"I work with many artists across the world of music and in all walks of life providing my services and I am often asked who, as a publicist, I can recommend for my clients. Often and without reservation my first recommendation is always Rob Town at Stampede Press. Why? Well it's simple really, it's a matter of trust, reliability and his ability to provide realistic expectations with the people he works with. Clients are never chosen on volume and always on suitability and professionalism, I trust Rob to do the right thing completely and cannot recommend his services more highly."
Music Media Coaching for rock bands and artists
Adam Hayward
Hayward Media Coaching Services

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