Solid strategy to get your new music be heard more and build fanbases.

Thanks to the power of the internet, music marketing has become a lot more accessible with endless opportunities to discover current trends and methods and apply it to your own marketing campaigns.

However with all the options available, including online paid courses, and social media providing an abundance of 'instant gratification' for so many things, the key fact remains that running a music marketing campaign takes a lot of time, patience, effort and results will always vary if focus isn't placed in the right areas and at the right time. This can result in low moral, confusion, frustration and in worse cases, burn out very quickly.

Bottom line? Being in a band in the modern music business provides a lot of positives and negatives, and how creativity and business goals are balanced is key to suceeding. If you're in a band and wanting to climb the ladder, investments need to be made and choices chosen wisely.

Stampede Press founder Rob Town has spent over 14 years marketing bands and businesses, including Panic Cell, Stampede Press and his new venture, Lightning In A Bottle. In September 2018 he'll begin studying for an MA (Masters Degree) in 'Music Industry Innovation & Enterprise'. 

Rob's approach to music promotion helps ensure clients new releases not only target their current fanbase but also new potential fans, along with music industry tastemakers and influencers. In an age where digital content is fast and furious, and competition is fierce, Rob's approach to marketing music is crucial to helping artists get the results they achieve in front of those that matter.

Stampede's ethos? It's all about the music being great and getting it to the right people. If you hit the target squarely with your music, opportunities will follow.

Perfect for self release bands with a limited budget; hiring Rob to be your music marketing manager includes the following and more:

Phone Consultation

Marketing Plan

PR Strategy

Social Media Campaign

Tip Sheets

Electronic Press Kit


See Red. Be Heard.

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