Ideal for artists wanting to self release with confidence. All our music promotion campaigns comes complete with label service advice and implentation

Ideal for artists wanting to self release their music, Stampede has great knowledge of the best routes to market.

With a rich history of self releasing music, working with distributors, and managing our own record label - Stampede helps clients release their music to best possible effect, utilsing crucial modern techniques and keeping our finger on the pulse of ever changing events in the music industry. All our music promotion campaigns comes complete with label service advice and implentation, including key areas such as:


Stampede can assist self release projects with guidance on how to collate and directly deliver new releases to all key digital platforms (inc. iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Beats, Tidal, Shazam and more) and help ensure all the revenue streams return directly to artists.

With hard copy (cds) downsizing and streaming services continuing to dominate, Stampede evaluates demand and guides on best possible routes to market, whether it be a self release or distribution via a label network.

We focus on best strategies to enable our clients to react quickly to market trends (e.g vinyl) and make the most of opportunities, at the right time.


We give guidance on manufacturing requirements and are on hand to advise how best to achieve a fast turnaround at a competitive price, with quality stock produce.

Times have changed and we understand music consumers habits requires thinking to be “out the box”, with merchandise, high quality limited edition exclusive hard copy products and experiences that help cut through digital mass.


We’re on hand to advise on best practice for registering music with PRS / MCPS / PPL at the right time, to help maximise eligible performing rights income for our clients.


The likes of Pledge Music and Kickstarter are no longer just standalone platforms to deliver music fans. They work hand in hand with self release artists and labels to effectively bring user friendly, exciting fan experiences to music consumers. Stampede assists our clients to help maximise chances of reaching goals in order to achieve campaign targets.

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