Stampede's consultation service is a great opportunity for musicians to cost effectively tap into a current music business knowledge base, without being tied into contracts.

More importantly, this service helps clients avoid common pitfalls, in the long term saving them money, and be better prepared for the road ahead.

Between Stampede Founder Rob Town and Artist Consultant Simon Hall, Stampede Press UK has a wealth of knowledge and experience, gained from years of working in the music industry, and running their own businesses.

As musicians, Rob and Simon have played to hundreds of thousands of people around the world, sharing stages with some of the biggest names in the business. Behind the scenes they work full time in the industry, liaising with other key business professionals, and maintaining a strong focus on the ever shifting landscape of the modern music business.

Stampede tailors our consultations to fit the artist, taking the time to appraise clients in advance of the consultation. We offer honest advice and guidance, helping our clients understand the music industry better, which helps them find their place in an increasingly competitive market.

If you're in a band, now is the time to be appraising your future steps and learn from what's come before. The music business is a fiercley competitive market with more bands than ever trying to achieve the same things and opportunities are staggered and not as easy as what the internet makes it seem.

If honest feedback, guidance, and solid strategy is of interest to you, spending a bit of time with Stampede will help give you some clarity on your music career and help make things more fun.

"Krysthla originally intended to make use of Stampede's services to assist with our album launch, however we soon found Rob's input to be so invaluable, that we regulary make use of the consultation service.

The honesty, integrity and enthusiasm behind the service that we have received is second to none and it is clear that Rob and Simon are pulling on
the kind of experience that is only accrued through many years working within the music industry."


"When Anti-Clone started talking with Stampede, we quickly realised that we hadn't just found a great PR company, we'd also found a fountain of knowledge, help and motivation.

I assure you Stampede are the good guys; easy to communicate with, committed and have ears to the ground in this ever changing industry.

The services Stampede Press UK offers are invaluable to us."

Book a consultation with Stampede. 30, 60, 90 minute options available.


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